Monday, September 1, 2008

One of my favorite memories...

One of the most memorable things that we did in China other than lifting in the Olympics has to be our trip to the Great Wall. With only a couple of hours of sleep you would think I would have been too tired to take a trip like that. But still on a high from the night before I was ready for an adventure and it did not disappoint!

This picture is of me, Dan, Ethan and my mother, Bonnie or "Nana" as she is so well known in our house hold.

There were a couple of different ways to "walk the wall". There was a cable car that took us up to the top and then you could either go left down the short way or right down the VERY long way. Nana was the more conservative one taking the short way and me, Dan, Ethan, Dr. Summers, his wife LeAnne, son Sean and Al (my teammate and assistant coach) all took the VERY LONG way down. Although it was a couple of miles of walking up and down large inclines with very small steps at times it was a lot of fun. Ethan and I raced up one of the inclines and all though he won (I let him). : )

Getting to the Great Wall was symbolic for a long but rewarding journey. Not just at the Wall but my Olympic journey as well. What a wonderful experience! Both the Wall and the Olympics!