Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 6 All work and some play!

One of the many inspiring displays at the Athletes Village!

Carissa and I decided to jump in the ring. She has super human strength... I didn't have a chance!

I couldn't stop laughing! I don't think I'd make a very good boxer!

Day 3/4 photos

These are the mascots for the Olympics. I wish I could bring one home.

Here is the Village. They are basically condos. Very nice condos!

Anyone need to use the potty?

Cheryl giving us a ride to training. : ) What a sweet girl!

Day 2 photos

Going through customs in Beijing. Man, was I happy to get off the plane after 12.5 hours!

Here's the ladies on the bus. Me, Carissa Gump in the middle and Natalie Woolfolk on the right. Cheryl was missing in action. : )

The Olympic Village security is tight. It is an amazing place! The media was there to greet us.

The cafeteria is HUGE! Although it isn't very full right now it will be in the next few days. The food is great! All the different types of food you can imagine!

Day 1 photos

Here we we are at San Jose State University with our shopping carts collecting the Team USA outifitting by Nike and Ralph Lauren. Talk about amazing stuff! Proud to be wearing red, white and blue!

Arnold stopped by to welcome the athletes. He chatted with us for quite some time. He was pleased to hear that my hubby Dan was a Republican! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm in Beijing

Friday I flew to San Francisco where I met up with the rest of the U.S. women weightlifters and a few other sports like rowing, judo, boxing, cayak/canoeing and archery for outfitting and credentialing. It was like Christmas in July, we received so much we had to send half of it home. The Govenator dropped in and Natalie, Carissa and I had a nice chat about lifting and then had our picture taken with him. I spoke a little politics with him talking about my hubby Dan being up for re-election. He was happy to hear he was Republican. Ha, ha, ha!

The flight was around 12.5 hours from San Fran, it was a pretty decent flight. I slept for 5-6 hours in the beginning and then stayed up the rest of the flight. I had no problem staying up last night but have struggled a bit tonight to stay awake. Thank goodness for the free internet cafe at the Village here so I can stay awake!

We arrived at 2:30 p.m., by the time we arrived at the Athletes Village it was around 5:30 p.m. Since it was Sunday there was little traffic. Beijing looks amazing. It looks very clean and much more modern than I expected. The Village is top notch. From what I hear it is the nicest Village ever. The rooms are like condos with 3 rooms and a common area. It feels more like a mini-resort. There is airconditioning which is great. I got my first view of the Birdsnest where the opening ceremonies will be.

We trained at Beijing Normal University (BNU) which is set up with a great facility with all brand new equipment and platforms. Training went very well today especially considering I just got off a plane less than 24 hours before. I snatched 75 kilos/2, 77.5 kilos/2, 80 kilos/2, 77.5 kilos/1, 80 kilos/1, 82.5 kilos/1. They don't have the 1 kilo, 2 kilo or .5 kilo plates so we had to make due. The sports medicine is very nice. They have Doctors, Chiropractors, Trainers and massge therapist on site both at the venue and the Village. My favorite part was the cold plunge. My teeth chattered for an hour in 90 degree weather. I enjoyed being cold for the first time since we got here.

So far the expereince is awesome. John, my coach is here too which makes it that much better. It is such an honor to represent the U.S.A!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

USADA (U.S. Anti Doping) in the Nordstrom bathroom!

Now this will be a drug test I will never forget!

Yesterday while I was shopping for some last minute items for my trip to China I got a call from home asking for my EXACT location. Ellen from USADA was at my house and wanted to collect a urine sample. What are the odds of her coming to my house on the one day in months that I was anywhere but home, the gym or the Chiropractor? Anyhow, we decided to meet in the third floor "mother's lounge" in Nordstroms.

So here we are amidst mothers nursing their babies preparing to go into the bathroom stall together. I quickly explained to the lady watching us that I was preparing for China and that Ellen was there to collect a urine sample for drug testing. Anyhow, after telling her I was a weightlifter she asked me if I had hear of that girl named Melanie Roach? I said, "I'm Melanie." Then she proceeded to tell me she was from Bonney Lake (my hometown) and was just planning to call our gymnastics gym to sign her girls up for gymnastics. What are the odds?

Anyhow I will always remember that one time I was drug tested in the Nordstroms bathroom!

The adventure continues!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exhausted and loving it!

There are no words to describe how exhausted I am right now. Believe it or not it's still fun, a bit crazy, but a lot of FUN! My coach is challenging me more than ever before and it is paying off. Training is going very well. Every day I pretend it's my last day in the gym. It's the hardest training cycle I've ever had. I'm enjoying the challenge.

Balancing the relocation of our gymnastics gym and Thrush Sports Performance where I train, summer break with the kids home all day, Dan's election for the State House, all the wonderful media opportunities and preparing for the most important competition of my life has proven to be a monumental challenge. Thanks to my husband, my mother, gymnastics summer camp and a very patient coach it's all working out pretty well.

It's hard to believe there are only 23 days until the opening ceremonies and only 25 days until I compete on the worlds biggest stage! I can't wait! I've been imagining this opportunity since I was 9 years old and watched Mary Lou win her perfect 10! Although I had hoped it would be in the sport of gymnastics little did I know all the time I spent in the gym flipping around was preparing me for the Olympics in a completely different sport.

Patience, persistance and surrounding yourself with great people really does MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE!