Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 6 All work and some play!

One of the many inspiring displays at the Athletes Village!

Carissa and I decided to jump in the ring. She has super human strength... I didn't have a chance!

I couldn't stop laughing! I don't think I'd make a very good boxer!


marian said...

love all the pictures - keep 'em coming! So awesome to get the "inside view"

TK said...

Hi Mel, miss ya! POsted the local goings on on John's Beijing 2 post. Love the pix the best, especially the ones where your smile says that everything you've done was worth the effort.
Love, TK

Larry and Carol said...

Hi Melanie,
Crystal sent us your BLOG information. It is wonderful to be able to follow your adventures and to see some of the things you are seeing. Us "old folks" back home will be cheering you on with great enthusiasm!!
Larry and Carol

Heather said...

Good luck Melanie, and thanks for sharing your incredible experience with all your fans. You're an inspiration!

knboyle said...

Hello, Melanie,
We are so proud of our Sumner girl...Your blog is awesome! As an Olympics fanatic in ANY year, this year is very special with you there. Our family wishes you great things!
Love, Carol and Larry Jilbert's friends and Cassie Vilhelmsen's G-pa and G-ma : Kelly and Nancy Boyle
GO USA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie!

Maybe you and Carissa should think about taking up boxing for 2012! I loved the pictures!! I am very proud of how well you lifted...FANTASTIC job!!

Kathie Gordon (Carissa Gump's Mom)