Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The City of Bonney Lake welcomes the Today Show in style!

Yesterday, the city of Bonney Lake threw a wonderful "Pep Rally". It will be one of the highlights of my Olympic experience!

Once Mayor Johnson found out the Today show was coming to town to tape a story about my family he quickly went to work putting a "Pep Rally" together at the local Allan Yorke Park. The city went all out! With Lake Tapps as a back drop I arrived in a black Hummer with a police escort. The fire truck siren went off and the high school band played music as I got out of the Hummer!

There were nearly 200 people there with homemade signs cheering as I arrived. I was in tears before I even got out of the car. It was the most emotional I've been since the Olympic Trials. I really enjoyed every minute.

Thank you Mayor Johnson, David Wells and the rest of the city for making it such a memorable day! I'm proud to represent the United States and the great city of Bonney Lake!

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sarena said...

Melanie, I am a fairly new Master's Olifter (since Nov 07). I train in NJ with Nick Curry. My buddy Rachel I,thru the web, is so enamored by you. I hear stories, read and am also so inspired by all you do!! Keep training hard and do the best you can do!!

BTW, I will be in WA in late July. Perhaps we can meet??