Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Only 49 days until the Opening Ceremonies!

I can't believe there are only 49 days until the Opening Ceremonies and only 47 days until I will compete at the Olympics! Training is going very well, I'm savoring every minute. I am already tired, but I'm determined to enjoy every day regardless of how exhausted I am! : )

This experience has been amazing! The strangest thing happend the other day. I got a call from a good friend of mine who was at McDonalds with his kids and after about 10 minutes he looked accross the table at his son who was taking a drink and saw me on the cup. Crazy, I'm on a McDonald's cup! Such great exposure for womens weightlifting!

We are actively fund-raising so that my coach, chiropactor and family can come to Beijing. We've now raised enough money take my coach John Thrush. I'm so glad he will be there. It's been a long road for him as well. After coaching for 35+ years and at the age of 63 he finally has his Olympian!

There were these wonderful clowns BeepBeep and Glitterbug at the Pep Rally last week who donated the days proceeds from the sale of the cotton candy and popcorn to our travel fund. Then on Sunday, former Secretary of State Ralph Munro turned his birthday party with a "no gift" request into a fund-raiser for our Beijing trip. Needless to say we recieved several checks in the mail today. I'm so impressed with the efforts of our family and friends to make this such a memorable experience.

The kids are out of school now which has been quite exciting. I've enjoyed spending more time with them but have forgotten how much energy they have! They have been doing summer camp down at our gym; Roach Gymnastics and so hopefully we can keep them busy this summer.

I spoke at a fireside for our church on Sunday about goals. I challenged them all to write down a goal they want to accomplish this summer and to make each day count!

Here's to making it count!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mel!!
I am so excited for you. I hope you have a fantastic month of training. Healthy and strong!

sarena said...

thanks for your note the other day!! I will be in WA, visiting my first Oly coach in Bainbridge (http://www.next-step-conditioning-systems.com/about-israel-sanchez.html), just before Beijing so probably not the best time. Will always be another time.

AprilA said...

Congrats Melanie! Christi tells me all about your successes and I'm glad to be able to get a firsthand look! You look amazing and your kids are adorable! Loved your video. Kick some butt in Beijing!

April (Saunders) Anderton

marian said...

Hi Melanie!

I blog over at Tales from the Crib and was so excited to see your comment - so glad that you found Kage's post about you! You truly are an inspiration, good luck to you, I look forward to following your adventure in training and competing in Bejing.

As a side note, you should consider adding a PayPal donation button to the sidebar of your blog, so that people who want to help support your trip can donate. Something to consider!

rizzo said...

Go Mel! I'm going to try to make it down to the party next Friday. I'm super sad I missed Seafest, it sounded fun!

Good luck in your final prep for Beijing!