Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here is the Today Show link.


Diva said...

All of Washington State is watching you! We are so proud that you are not only representing the United States, but also the State of Washington!

Marcie said...

I am officially ADDICTED to your blog! I am so excited and counting down the hours until you compete. I'll be sure to DVR it so I can rewatch and show others! Plus, I'm planning to brag about you winning the GOLD! Love you!!

AprilA said...

I have to tell ya...I showed my husband your videos and a couple days later I teased him and told him I was going to beef up my weightlifting routine and get big like a man(He was teasing me about my puny 5 lb hand weights). He said..."That Melanie girl lifts more than you ever could and she doesn't look like a man!"

Darn it! I guess that excuse is void now! :) Thanks to the beautiful, buff Melanie Roach!

Good luck Mel!

rizzo said...

You can TOTALLY see me snatching in the background! haha probably like 1/3 of what Mel was doing.

Good luck on Saturday, Mel! You'll be awesome and WA is so proud to have you representing us.

Michelle said...

I'm addicted to your blog too. Love it! I TiVo'ed the Today show yesterday and watched you. So proud of you!

Chrisstamom said...

Benson, my 14 year old son, says I am OCD. Says I have a "Melanie" obsession. Maybe I do! I am so proud I could bust!!

Alexandra said...

Hi Mel! We are watching the opening ceremonies right now and we all had our faces about ten inches from the screen watching for you! We didn't see you but we will see you on Sunday! We are rooting for you 100% and we know you will do more than great!!! We are so happy for you that your Olympic dreams have come true and we are living them with you! Love, Paul and Nicole

Gene & Erika said...

Gene and I and all down here in Dallas Oregon are looking forward to seeing you do what you love. And we all here are rooting for you. And we now you will give it your best!
We Love You,
Gene & Erika