Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a miracle! My weightclass will be on T.V....DURING THE DAY! ; )

I just received the following email...

Check this text out.

Mel and the 53s are going to be a feature at noon on Sunday (EST) on the big network. Of course, this house will be up at 2:30 am that same morning watching live online.

Washington state native Melanie Roach, a former gymnast and mother of three, makes her Olympic debut at age 33 in the women's 53kg weightlifting event. Also, coverage of men's and women's rowing heats.

It is pretty unusual to get the lighter weightclasses on daytime T.V., how exciting!

I also heard from my hubby that the Today Show is planning to air the feature they taped back in June sometime this week. They first said it would be last Friday, but have changed it to "sometime" this week. If I hear a more definite time I will post it here.

We went to the Venue and official training hall yesterday. It was amazing! The energy is incredible! I got to walk up on the official platform... I've been waiting for this moment for sooooo long! This is a dream come true!


sarena said...

Keep up the positive attitude and you will be rocking right thru to the podium!! ENJOY!!

Rebecca Giles said...

Hey Mel! Wow, when things begin to happen for you, they really happen! It just goes to show, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

You go girl friend!


John Sattgast said...


We're all rooting for you here back home. I've got my Tivo set to record and we will be here cheering you on. Debbie and I send our well-wishes to you and Dan on this exciting adventure.

Go get 'em!

John Sattgast
Dan's PIO in Olympia

cjilbert said...

I am having so much fun following you on this journey! You make "Au-town" proud!! :-)

cjilbert said...
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Dadaner said...


Go get em!

gymnast14 said...

omg. mel you are so amazing. i know you will do great. even if you dont get the gold in china you have gotten it from everyone else. i love babysitting you and haveing you like my 2nd mom. i love you so much you inspire me so much. go mel!!!!
love always,
sarah skinner

AprilA said...

Tivo set and ready! GO MEL!

Allan said...

Melanie- We are rooting for you and sending our best wishes and prayers your way!

Heather Bosch

Anonymous said...

The online broadcast is just about to start, and I am so eager to watch you compete! I know you won't read this until after you are finished, but best of luck to you! I know you'll rock it!

David Jr. said...

Hey Melanie,

We are so proud, not just a great lift but a U.S. record. All the hard work has paid off, you have truly been blessed. Now that the pressure is off, enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with your family. I have been reading some of the comments others have written to you, about your example, some of them brought tears to my eyes. what a wonderful opportunity you have been given to be a positive influence to many. This too is "what you signed up for", Enjoy the moment!

Tell Dan and the Kids I said Hi.

I Love You Guys,

Bishop Wagner

Margo Clift said...

Well said, from your Priesthood area leader.
How blessed you and your family are.
Our Love