Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank you John Thrush for an experience of a life time!

Man was that FUN! 6 for 6, career best snatch of 83 kilos, career best and New American Record total of 193! What more can you ask for?

Thank you John for your YEARS of encouragement and guidance. I've learned more than just how to lift weights. I learned how love what you do, live in the moment and enjoy the process! THANK YOU JOHN! I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way make this OLYMPIC DREAM possible! I'm so proud to be an Olympian and represent the U.S.A!

VOTE FOR DAN! : ) Now it's time to get that man elected! Tag your it honey!


rizzo said...



Michelle said...

Great job Mel! We watched you live online - you were amazing! Congratulations!

Alexandra said...

Congratulations Mel! Way to break the American record! You're a gold medalist in our book! Love, Paul and Nicole and our gang :o)

cjilbert said...

You are soooo awesome! Thanks for bringing us all along on your Olympic journey! You rock Mel!!!

marian said...

Watched the coverage today Melanie, it was so great to see you smiling as you worked your hardest. CONGRATS! What an achievement.

sarena said...

You make me proud to be an American! Way to go!

Chrisstamom said...

I got up and watched online at 2:30 a.m. but couldn't find the TV coverage. Was it there somewhere??
I am so proud of you! You rock sister!! That was so fun to watch!I think the most fun was watching you have such joy in your experience! It was just awesome! You showed your beauty inside and out! What a privilege to share your story with everyone around me. And I do! Thanks for representing so perfectly!

Nancy Whitlatch said...

Okay Melanie, we are behind you 100% from our home here in Northern California. Have a great ride at the Olympics '08 no matter what the outcome!

The Clarke Family said...

Congratulations on your records and PR's! It was AWSOME seeing you on TV. We missed you at the opening ceremonies. Did you walk? It must have been amazing. Everyone at church was asking about you even our parents in San Jose called when they saw you. We can't tell you how proud everyone is of you, expecially Drew and Cammie. They are doing fine, but Cammie said for you to bring home some Chinese candy. (You can eat that now, right?)

See you soon!

Tony, Sarah, Faith, Drew and Cammie

First Time Marathon Mom said...

congratulations! I was so inspired by your story as a mom of 2 small children myself I am training for the NYC marathon this year. Your story inspired me and motivated!

conroy said...
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conroy said...


I remember when we first met at the 1994 American Open and when we where on the 1997 NACACI Team for what was our International debut, again at the 1997 World Team Trials in Boise and even the time you where here for a visit and had your first born in a carrier that you brought over to the high school to train.
The courage you have shown over this 14 year odyssey is an example to us all.
Congratulations to you, John and your family.

Michael Conroy
Idaho Weightlifting

conroy said...
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IlaBrook said...

I am a HUGE fan! Congratulstions on your performance today. You are an inspiration for so many reasons and are an amazing representative for the USA!!

la vie sans souci said...

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Margo Clift said...

Hey Mel! We watched, we cried and we smiled, even shouted a little.
what I noticed most, was a beautiful woman, with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Your, physical strength is pretty amazing as well.
CONGRATULATIONS,to you and your whole team. DAN and the kids as well as the Moms, coaches, Dr.Summers.
As I read the experience in the orphanage, my thoughts are these, "when ye have done it unto one of the least of have done it unto me."
We Love you all
Barry, Margo, Lisa and Annie

Robin said...

Congratulations Melanie!! That was so much fun to watch =) You inspire me so much I look at the "enjoy the process" that you wrote on the back of my lifting shoes everytime I train. You are amazing!!!
-Robin Feuerman

Anonymous said...

Melanie, you are my real hero. At 33, you have showed the world that age is not a factor. Then that means I can make it too. You are my role model.And a sixth place in the Olympics ?? Phenomenal !!!!!!!!
Melanie, the power of being positive has got a sixth place at Olympics, being positive can change other things too. Go for it Melanie !!